National Glaucoma Awareness Month

Glaucoma Research Foundation -  Currently, more than 3 million people in the United States have glaucoma. Glaucoma is called "the sneak thief of sight" since there are no symptoms and once vision is lost, it's permanent. Glaucoma is the leading cause of preventable blindness.
There is no cure for glaucoma - yet. However, medication or surgery can slow or prevent further vision loss. The appropriate treatment depends upon the type of glaucoma among other factors. Early detection is vital to stopping the progress of the disease.

Thyroid Awareness Month

American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists - Some 30 million Americans have a thyroid condition and about half have not been diagnosed. Most people are unaware of the organ's vital functions. It's only when the thyroid goes awry that people become aware of its value. The thyroid gland is a small, butterfly-shaped gland located in the base of the neck just below the Adam's apple. Although relatively small, the thyroid gland influences the function of many of the body's most important organs, including the heart, brain, liver, kidneys and skin. For more information on thyroid conditions and ways to detect them visit the website below.


-United Way of York County:
A partnership organization in York County that aims to improve people's lives by building on a strong sense of community.

-FIRST/PA 2-1-1:
A free 24/7 information and referral tele-line system linking those in need with human services throughout Pennsylvania.

-Love and Logic: The Parenting Experts
Provides training materials that help parents and teachers prepare children for the world and teach them responsibility.

-Administration for Children and Familes
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration for children and families.

-A Family Guide to Keeping Youth Mentally Healthy and Drug Free
Provides support for parents and other caring adults to promote mental health and prevent the use of alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs among 7- to 18-year-olds.